I love fashion and beautiful things.

I’m a mom with a penchant for pretty! This includes design in all senses, however, I particularly love fashion in the form of creating personal style. On my first visit to Cape Town, I fell in love with the place, people and lifestyle, I left for a short period to gain some initial fashion experience, only to return and decided to stay. My amazing SA husband grounded me here, as well as two furry daschunds, and more recently two gorgeous tot daughters. I’m a mom for part of the day and a stylist the other part. And I get involved in any creative project because I just can’t say no.


My experience

In addition to being my birthplace, Amsterdam is where I completed a fashion management degree and then enjoyed a stint in Cape Town on an exchange programme with Cape Technikon. I left CT for a short period gaining some initial fashion experience, only to return and decide to stay and call it home. I’ve locally worked as a fashion stylist for an international men's magazine and as an operational manager for a lifestyle boutique.

I now help people style. Not a make-over per se but rather working with people to maximise their style of dress.




So what's my style?

My style is effortless, sophisticated, classic and modern.

My wardrobe comprises of a few carefully selected items, most of which have a few seasons value. And that is key. Fashion trends come and go but buying and matching the right pieces that fit together harmoniously can be almost timeless. Until the fabric wears or you are ready to move on! I’m comfortable in jeans and blouses, dresses and boots, shorts and scarves,  I love my aviators and painted toe nails.