‘You reaffirmed what works best for me based on my lifestyle, budget, existing pieces, and body type. And this was done in a comfortable and non-threatening way. I feel more confident putting pieces together and that I am wearing what works for me, not what fashion dictates. I’m happy too that I can now shop for the essential add-ons and not reinvest in a new wardrobe.

Thanks, Joal! You were prepared with ideas for outfits upon arrival and that impressed me. You had thought about me and listened to my needs. That’s customer service 101!’

- Mandy

‘After having two babies in quick succession, my standard wardrobe quickly became jeans, slips slops and t shirts (usually with some puréed baby food for extra decoration!). Sitting with Joal and going through my wardrobe item by item was invaluable. It was the lift I needed to start taking extra care again in how I looked and dressed. I had forgotten how nice it feels to walk out the door feeling nicely put together!

Thanks Joal. You are super-stylish and really "got" my style and preferences..even before we sat down together.’

- Anna